We are happy to register new NHS patients within our catchment area.

Broadmead Surgery Inner Catchment area:-

The inner boundary is defined to the north from the surgery (UB5 6WL) starting from the junction of A312 Church Road and Eskdale Avenue.  From here the boundary follows the A312 across the Target roundabout, continuing along the A312 to the White Hart Roundabout and then along the A312 The Parkway to the Willow Tree Roundabout.  The boundary then turns left along Glencoe Road, over the Grand Union Canal, meeting up with Somerset Road.  It continues onto Mornington Road, turning left onto Avon Road and then right onto Verulam Road.  From Verulam Road, the boundary travels briefly via Ruislip Road onto Beechwood Avenue turning left onto Ferrymead Avenue.  The boundary then crosses the Grand Union Canal joining up with Horseshoe Crescent until it reaches Kensington Road.  To complete the boundary, it crosses Northolt & Greenford Country Park to meet up with Eskdale Avenue/junction with A312.

How to Register

Once you have confirmed that you reside within our catchment area, to register with the surgery you can collect and complete the registration forms from reception.  Alternatively you can download, print and complete the GMS1 Registration form, required by the NHS for all patients, and the Broadmead Surgery Registration forms which provides us with some basic health information for health management and monitoring purposes:

Please bring your completed registration forms, along with 2 forms of ID (one of which should be photo ID such as driving license or passport), to the surgery.

Acceptable Identification include: tenancy agreement, mortgage agreement, bank statement, utility bills, driving licence, passport, birth certificate etc.

Registration Medical

Once registered, make an appointment with our nursing team for a registration medical.

We invite all our new patients to see one of our practice nurses or our health care assistant. This appointment enables us to collect medical information before your medical records arrive. It is also the start of screening for other medical problems. Normally, you will need to complete a registration medical before seeing one of our GPs.